Botot Mouthwash

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In 1755, Julien Botot – personal physician to then King of France Louis XV – created what would become the first true mouthwash: eau de Botot. Gillyflower – or "girofle" (clove) as it's called in French – along with cinnamon, ginger and anise are combined to create a powerful, chemical-free elixir designed to keep your breath fresh. This alcohol-based formula is a concentrate and is designed to be taken a few drops at a time mixed in cold or lukewarm water. Each 150ml bottle can last upwards of a year even with frequent use.

Made in Italy using the original formulation specifications.


Natural essences of Gillyflower, Cinnamon, Ginger, Anise, Benzion, Alcohol (80%)

Botot is free of artificial colors and flavors and is cruelty-free.


This mouthwash is a concentrate, so it is not recommended to be used at full strength. To prepare, mix 10-15 drops with an ounce or so of either cold or (for a more intense effect) warm water. Gargle for about a minute and then spit and rinse with cool water. The lovely thing about this is that you can adjust the ratio of elixir to water in addition to the water temperature to find the potency that works best for you.

Botot is 80% alcohol/vol. which is twice as strong as most grain alcohols. It is not intended for consumption and is flammable. Keep away from small children. The bottle is glass, so it is advisable to keep Botot stored in a safe place when not in use. We recommend preparing Botot mouthwash in a small tempered glass tumbler from Duralex; Both Gigogne and Picardie styles can be found in our store.

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