Audubon Bird Call

$ 10.00

The Audubon Bird Call was invented in 1947 by Roger Eddy, an author, farmer and state legislator from Connecticut. Inspired by the very society it shares a name with, the Audubon caller doesn't mimic any specific bird but instead is capable of creating a multitude of tweeting and chirping sounds that will encourage curious birds to investigate. The caller is comprised of three parts: a birchwood body, a cast zinc plug and a screw. The caller works by twisting the zinc plug against the wood base to create chirps, cheeps and tweets. Still manufactured by the Eddy family, this bird call is available in natural birch or original red and comes in a printed paper gift box. A small capsule of rosin is included to keep the call performing optimally. 

Made in the USA.


Length: 6cm / 2.375" 

Available in Red or Natural.


We love activities that transcend age and gender. Birds have fascinated man since we first looked into the sky and saw another creature soar overhead. The first recorded use of the term "birdwatcher" was in 1891 and since then, an ever-increasing number of people across the world devote their free time on summer weekends or during holidays to observing and interacting with wild birds. It's an activity the whole family can enjoy and that's something we can really get behind. The Audubon bird call is easy to use for bird enthusiasts of all ages and, with a little care, will last for many years to come.

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