Aromaflage WILD Natural Bug Repellent

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While traveling through South East Asia, Michael Fensterstock and his wife Melissa discovered that the locals were employing a centuries-old practice of using fruit and plant-based essences to repel insects. They devised the idea of creating a fragrance that would double as a natural bug repellent and – soon after – Aromaflage was born. Aromaflage "WILD" is a more spice-driven and decidedly unisex fragrance, comprised of a blend of natural essential oils including cardamom, cedarwood and spruce. All three of these ingredients are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as non-toxic alternatives to traditional insecticides. Aromaflage WILD is chemical-free and contains no DEET, parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate. Its compact size makes it ideal for the cottage, the campsite, the glove compartment or your golf bag.

Aromaflage is hand-blended in Burma and assembled in the USA.


Purser Spray Bottle measures 12.5 cm / 5" and contains 8ml of fragrance. 

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, deionized water, essential oils including geranium (1%), citronellol (0.2%), lemongrass (0.1%), cedar leaf oil (0.1%), cedarwood (0.05%), thyme (0.01%), rosewood, balsam, lavender, spruce, patchouli and cardamom.

Spray liberally on exposed skin - particularly arms, legs and ankle - prior to venturing outside. Best if rubbed into the skin. Re-apply every two hours to maintain efficacy.


Nobody wants to have an evening, event, vacation, date night or a beautiful day in the park or on the golf course ruined by bugs... or their bites. However, most people don't want to have to solve the problem by using (and stinking) of chemical-laden bug repellents either. What if there was a natural solution that worked better than the usual suspects?... turns out that there is. We went out to dinner on a recent vacation and Mia and our girls applied the product while I played guinea pig and went "au naturel". By the time our main course had arrived, I was ravaged with bites and the girls hadn't been touched... I was unhappy, but we were believers in the product.

When we look for product to carry, we are always thrilled to find ones that are owned and operated by concerned and involved partners. Michael and Melissa support the women who mix their formulation in Burma through their commitment to fair wages, education and health care benefits.

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