Alwych All-Weather Notebooks

$ 30.00

Alwych – the all weather notebook. For over 70 years these notebooks have been a firm favourite with outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Everything about Alwych is special, from the strong flexible 'All Weather' cover, to the section-sewn opaque pages. They are constructed to keep your notes safe and the precision-ruled pages are printed on light cream paper to increase opacity, thereby reducing 'shine through'. They are then section sewn for strength, before being welded into the strong, durable, all weather cover.

Made in Scotland.


Available in two sizes: 5.25" x 3.25" or 8" x 5"


Alwych notebooks are made in Scotland and remain virtually unchanged in their design since the 1930s. Since 1976, Alwych notebooks have been produced by the Wishaw Printing Company: a family-owned and operated business in Lankashire, UK. Light cream opaque pages with green lines and blue edges are section-sewn and housed in an ‘all weather’ cover. In England, Alwych notebooks are enthusiastically endorsed by the police, tanker and delivery drivers, walking enthusiasts, gardeners, mountaineers, golfers, archaeologists and explorers. It's interesting to note that Alwych notebooks were also standard issue for explorers in the historic British Antarctic expeditions. 

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