Aluminum Double Sharpener

$ 60.00

We love pencils and so do our kids. Whether they get put to use making honey-do or grocery lists, or as the sketching instruments of choice for the young artistes in our family, pencils can be found throughout our home. Unfortunately, where our kids are concerned, so can their pencil shavings. Enter this aluminum double pencil sharpener from DUX. Milled from a solid piece of aluminum, this sharpener is compatible with both standard and oversize pencils: including our Lyra and Yorik pencils for children. Despite its sturdy construction, this sharpener is lightweight and easy for young hands to manage. A pencil-loving family's best friend that will last for years to come.

Made in Germany.


Dimensions: 1.5" wide x 2.5" tall / 4 cm x 6.5 cm


DUX have been manufacturing pencil sharpeners since they opened their doors in 1908: over a hundred years ago. The family owned company has built their reputation on supplying top quality desktop products to industry professionals and institutions alike. What we love about this sharpener is the fact that – in addition to sharpening standard and oversize pencils – its closed construction keeps pencil shavings contained. It's a great sharpener for kids. The aluminum housing and steel blades make for a durable and plastic free product.

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