Adjustable Brass Sharpener

$ 25.00

Far from being exclusive to students and craftsmen, there was a time when just about every working professional had cause to use a pencil... and find a way to keep it sharp. Nowadays, the pencil often takes a backseat to the tablet and the smartphone but the beauty of a casual sketch and the sentimental charm of a handwritten note or letter remain timeless. This adjustable brass pencil sharpener from DUX comes with a dial that can be locked in three separate positions to deliver three different degrees of sharpness to your lead: an extra sharp point for precision lines, medium sharp point for handwriting and a soft point for sketching. Comes with a black leather case and instruction booklet.

Made in Germany.


Dimensions: 1.25" long x 0.625" wide / 3 cm x 1.7 cm


DUX have been manufacturing pencil sharpeners since they opened their doors in 1908: over a hundred years ago. The family owned company has built their reputation on supplying top quality desktop products to industry professionals and institutions alike. Their adjustable brass precision sharpener was developed in the 1950s for engineers and architects who required a sharpener that could give them several different points for various tasks. What we love about this sharpener, aside from its enhanced function, is its robust and sturdy construction. The brass housing, steel blade and leather case make for a durable and plastic free product.

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