Acme Official Scouts and Guides Whistles

$ 26.00

These whistles were approved by Lord Baden Powell and his sister Agnes, the siblings that founded the World Scouts and Guides in 1909. Unlike conventional whistles, the Scouts and Guides whistles have their own individual sound, are exclusive to those groups and are a part of the tradition. The Scouts Whistle is 6.5 cm long, with a medium tone. The Guides Whistle is 5.2 cm long, with a high pitch penetrating sound. Made of nickel-plated brass, both whistles come with an American made stainless steel 24" ball chain.

Made in England.  


Whistles are nickel plated brass. Ball chain in stainless steel with a lobster claw clasp.


In the 1860's, Joseph Hudson, who was a Birmingham trained toolmaker, converted his washroom at St. Marks Square (which he rented for one shilling and six pence per week) into a workshop. Here he did anything he could to supplement the family income from watch repairing to cobbling shoes. For reasons now lost in the mists of antiquity, whistles were his passion. Throughout the 1870's Joseph Hudson designed and made numerous types of whistles which are still in use today. 

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