Acme No 60.5 Thunderer Whistle

$ 16.50

Acme has been producing whistles in England for 150 years. The Thunderer has been popular for most of its long history for use in the military, police, rescue and – perhaps most significantly – as the official whistle of referees and officials in the world of professional sport. This is the 60.5, the smallest and most high pitched model in the Thunderer series. This whistle is nickel-plated, includes a true cork pea and comes with a 30" American-made stainless steel ball chain. For those sensitive to nickel, we include a rubber mouth guard.

Made in England.  


Measures 4cm / 1.5".

Whistle is nickel-plated brass. Ball chain is stainless steel with a lobster clasp.


In 1884, the Acme Thunderer was launched. The first (and still the worlds favourite) pea whistle, it offers total reliability, control and power to the referee. It is now the worlds biggest selling whistle and there is not a major league or sport that has not seen this whistle in use at one time or another.

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