Acme Metropolitan Whistle

$ 29.50

The Metropolitan whistle was developed by Acme in 1883 for Scotland Yard and The London Metropolitan Police. Prior to the use of this whistle, police forces used hand rattles to alert other officers and to signal the public. The Metropolitan was created in response to an advertisement placed by the London Police who were looking for something more efficient and effective than the rattle. This whistle would go on to see extensive use by the British armed forces throughout World War I and World War II. This high decibel "pignose" style whistle can be heard up to one mile away. Many cyclists love to use this whistle instead of a bar-mounted bell to clear a path in congested urban areas. All Acme whistles ship with an American-made stainless steel ball chain with lobster clasp.

Made in England.  


Whistle is nickel-plated brass. Ball chain in stainless steel with a lobster clasp.


In the 1860's, Joseph Hudson, who was a Birmingham trained toolmaker, converted his washroom at St. Marks Square, which he rented for one shilling and six pence per week, into a workshop. Here he did anything he could to supplement the family income from watch repairing to cobbling shoes. For reasons now lost in the mists of antiquity, whistles were his passion. Throughout the 1870's Joseph Hudson designed and made numerous types of whistles which are still in use today. 

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