Acme Italian Police Whistle

$ 18.00

This is another classic product from Acme Whistle. The Official Whistle of the Italian Police Department, this is the loudest whistle in the Acme Thunderer Class. The enlarged mouthpiece lets more air in, thus you get a louder sound coming out. Made from nickel-plated brass. Each Acme whistle we sell ships with an American-made 30" stainless steel ball chain with a lobster claw closure. 

Made in England.  


Whistle is nickel plated brass. Ball chain is stainless steel with a lobster clasp. Made in the USA


In the 1860's, Joseph Hudson, who was a Birmingham trained toolmaker, converted his washroom at St. Marks Square (which he rented for one shilling and six pence per week) into a workshop. Here he did anything he could to supplement the family income from watch repairing to cobbling shoes. Responding to an 1883 advertisement from the London Metropolitan Police – who were looking for a louder and more effective signalling device than their hand-rattle – Hudson created the Metroplitan "Bobby" whistle. It was exactly what the Police Dept were looking for and is still by on-duty officers in London. Joseph Hudson would go on to create numerous whistles and sound making devices under the Acme name, most of which are still available today.

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