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  • Brunch Standards : The Dutch Baby Pancake.

    There are few breakfast foods more decadent, comforting and downright show-stopping than a Dutch Baby pancake. We have been fans for years and when we moved away from our trusted source, we decided to figure out how to make them on our own. Now we share that recipe with you...

  • End of Season Delights - Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

    We took one of our favourite gluten free cake recipes and gave it a summery twist in order to enjoy the last fruits of the season.  Check it out here.  

  • A Visit to The Littledeer Workshop: Part 2

    As humans, the first tools we learn to use is our hands and the best tools to have been developed since are those that act as extensions of the hand and arm. Functional excellence happens when the tool accomplishes its task in harmony with the body and with nature.

  • The Urban Herb Garden.

    By mid-June the garden centers, flower stalls and farmers markets are in full swing and typically the first thing to hit the stands are the herbs.  Every year we make a point to keep at least a few fresh herbs on hand, but this year we have committed to more quantity and variety in addition to growing some of our own vegetables as well.

  • Re-imagining Tradition: Small Batch Maple Syrup in Québec.

    In Quebec, we make what is widely considered to be the best maple syrup in the world.  Syrup that is produced here (as per the industry standard) is available in glass containers of all shapes and sizes or in the classic metal cans that are found lining the shelves of most markets and epicurean boutiques across the province.  However in recent years, a few small-batch producers have started taking an old-school, quality-over-quantity approach to the production of – what is arguably – our most coveted gastronomical resource.

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