• Summer 2015 Look Book

    We love our job. Seeking, finding, testing, curating, storytelling and sharing the products that we offer at Archer is the perfect closed circuit of joy:  a perpetual cycle that is at once familiar and ever-changing… and always a lot of fun.  We are in the business of celebrating and promoting the everyday object;  those items that – through their simple marriage of form and function – help us navigate life a little bit more easily and (hopefully) with a bit more elegance.  However, the everyday is just that:  the things we surround ourselves and interact with every day.  It’s not easy to make a toilet brush glamorous, preach the merits of a well made box of school board chalk or elevate a humble cutting board to household celebrity.

    Often the best way to appreciate the simple things is to look at them through fresh eyes, from a different vantage point or even to walk away from them and come back with renewed perspective.  Guided by that very idea, it seemed only appropriate that when we set out to make our first look book we chose to hand over the reins to someone else.  Montreal-based photographer Celia Spenard-Ko is no stranger to the task of drawing beauty from simplicity.  Her work is diverse and subject matter wide-ranging but her skill is undeniable and we love the fact that – despite having a predominantly minimalist aesthetic – she still manages to marry stillness and beauty with a sense of play.

    We asked.  She accepted...  We’ve been smiling ever since.  Enjoy.

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