• The Ageless Appeal of The Colouring Book.

    When our girls reached school age, we took a close look at the Steiner-based model for their education;  we were drawn – in large part – to the importance placed on art, imagination, creative play and empathy within the Waldorf curriculum.  Although we didn’t end up enrolling them in Waldorf, we did find an amazing school for them where creative expression is a huge part of the learning process.  One of the wonderful things about the Waldorf model is that they put a significant focus on health and diet and – as a result – many of the products used in the classroom are made with care and are non-toxic and chemical free.  At Archer, we carry a selection of products that conform to the Waldorf philosophy which also happens to mirror the criteria we use when selecting our products:  that they be well-made, safe and a pleasure to use.

    Now that our girls are back in school after a busy summer, we find that they are getting even more use out of their art supplies than ever before. Completing projects for school overlaps with creative downtime at home and our girls take full advantage of both these activities to express their artistic selves.  We recently discovered some really wonderful colouring books and even though many of them are intended for adults, they also present a challenging and fun alternative for kids as well.  The girls have been devouring them with the help of our oversized, colouring pencils from Lyra and our beeswax-based crayons from Stockmar.  Colouring as a stress-relieving therapy has become quite a popular thing of late; lucky for us, our girls are too immersed in what they are doing to catch their parents staring longingly at their books…

    You can find links to a few of our favourite colouring books for kids (and adults) below:

    Joëlle Jolivet is a talented illustrator and also makes absolutely beautiful colouring books released via Éditions des Grandes Personnes.

    Let's Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars combines historical facts, material origins and playful creative prompts on a colouring tour through art history.

    le Cahier de Coloriages by Julian Mosedale is a beautiful book for children filled with bold black shapes and pop-up sections that suggest colouring outside the lines as much as they do in.

    For the couture lover, My Fashion Coloriages by Marie Perron is filled with 100 distinct outfits from world-renowned designers rendered both on and off the mannequin in simple outlines that await your own unique coloured interpretation.

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