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    I was never a math whiz but I have always been fascinated with the study of geometry; the precision, the balance and the visual order of it makes elegant and perfect sense. Once I learned that it was all around us in nature, from the vastness of space to the smallest sub-atomic particles, it all seemed like a kind of magic. Mid-century Modern architecture and design with its clean, strong, angular lines and geometric patterns has always had a loyal and devoted following, and it has been my great joy that we’ve seen a recent creative surge among a vast and varied group of makers and artists using that very same geometric aesthetic. Within the craft community – as with nature – it would seem that geometry is everywhere.

    We recently picked up some planters for Archer Hard Goods by Brooklyn-based artist Megumi Yoshida. I have to say that each time I look at them or pack one up to send to a customer, I’m so impressed with how beautiful they are. Megumi has had some great mentions in Dwell magazine (among others) and is an esteemed Etsy community member. In case you didn’t know it, we at Archer love Etsy.

    Sometimes it can be the simplest things that bring us enjoyment during the day; Megumi’s beautiful dodecahedronal planter inspires me every time I look at it. The dodecahedron is one of the five Platonic solids and appears over and over again in naturally occurring gems and crystals: the pattern is even found in our DNA. In sacred geometry, this engaging shape is symbolic of the Universe. It’s no wonder that it is so easy to be taken with these perfect little universes created by Megumi. Carefully slip-cast by hand and then glazed white or left in natural terracotta, these planters look great indoors and out, and they lend a unique touch to any style of decor.

    Megumi recently added a set of salt and pepper shakers and some beautiful faceted tea cups to her growing collection of product at MGMY Studio. Following the same geometrically inclined visual style, these objects combine functional grace with undeniable beauty. At Archer, we believe that Keats immortal words, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness…” are more than mere sentiment. The items that surround you each day should in some small way be cherished by hand or eye; for our part, we are excited to see what beautiful things Megumi will create next.

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