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    For us, collaboration is essential every day. We partner each other in life, raising our kids and running our business. There is beauty in that commitment and also inherent challenges to the practice of partnership. There are also those unique occasions where the alchemy of a random introduction, the discovery of shared passions and the desire to make something great results in something special.

    We were introduced to Molly Spittal from The Stowe by a mutual friend that happened to be sporting a bespoke bag that she had received only a few days earlier. We were impressed (and intrigued), and followed up with the hope that there would be an opportunity to make something together. As it turned out, we encountered a talented and committed artisan whose dedication to the creative process, attention to detail and hands-on approach were a natural fit with Archer Hard Goods.

    The Stowe brand was born of necessity a few years ago when Molly's search for a carry-on bag for an upcoming trip came up empty. She instead elected to make her own and, since then, she has continued to lovingly craft each item in her growing collection of products by hand in her Montreal studio.

    The Stowe and Archer Hard Goods collaborated on two exclusive products: a natural leather blanket strap and a canvas drawstring "go-bag" for kids. The "go-bag" was inspired by our own experiences as parents and lovers of food. Whenever we dine out, we most often do so as a family. The "go-bag" backpack is perfectly suited to carting along colouring books, crayons and smaller toys when we are on the go. It has proved perfect for its intended task and is also an ideal carry-on for the kids while traveling. The sourcing of American-made cotton duck canvas and military spec paracord result in a bag that is as durable and hard-wearing as it is fun to use.


    Leather Blanket strap

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